Here are some examples of the solutions that we've created for our clients

Document Management

Document Center

Requirement: Our client had a need to access various documents by multiple users in a secure environment. Further, documents needed to have their own user-level security. The application needed to be able to allow the user to search for documents by keyword.

Solution: We created a Document Center for the client which provided the client with these features and allowed the client to be able to upload new documents to the application via FTP.



Requirement: Our client had an older E-Commerce system that was very difficult to modify and maintain. They asked us for assistance.

Solution: We recommended that they replace their old E-Commerce system with a newer shopping cart program that would easily integrate with their new site design. The new system allows them to focus on selling their products and running their business instead of cumbersome old software.

Sale of soft (downloadable) goods

Requirement: Our client produces technical documents for the electrical engineering profession. These documents were previously purchased in hard-copy form and mailed.

Solution: We created an E-Commerce solution that permits a member to purchase these technical documents and then download them after the payment has been confirmed. The same solution can be used for selling software, music, or any other downloadable media.


File Transfer

Requirement: Client needs to receive time-sensitve, large sized files from their customers to produce print products. Email transport is inconsistent and unpredictable.

Solution: We recommended that they utilize our online file transfer solution. Up to 20 files can be uploaded at a time. Once the file(s) have been uploaded, the account management contact or other persons receive an email notification. This greatly improves workflow time and predictability and customer satisfaction.

Content Management


User Experience

Online Course Registration

Created an interface between a mainframe AS/400 membership / classes system and the client’s Web site. Used a native ODBC driver to communicate with the AS/400. The web-server included a 2nd NIC with a dedicated VPN router that tied directly into the AS/400 system. The interface would push and pull data based on a schedule and events.

Conference Registration

Requirement: Our client had a need for a custom web-based conference registration application. Their annual conference hosts over 700 families and has different pricing, events, and amenities each year. They needed a system that could easily adapt to the unique characteristics of the host city. The application integrates in real-time with their master membership database.

Solution: PVA created an application that is easy to use and flexible. The system can produce exportable spreadsheets and reports for each event, grouped and sorted by different criteria.

Website Features

We've added many popular website features for our clients' sites, including:

Custom Forms with data validation
Dynamic lists
Blog / Social media integration
Random pictures or text
Site search
Image Gallery / Slideshow
RSS/ Podcast feed
Shopping cart
…and more


Facility Repair Request application

Requirement: Customer had a need to have their store personnel enter facility repair and maintenance online. Intranet system must keep track of all repair and maintenance requests and allow the maintenance personnel to sort and view these requests so that they can make the required repairs. Additionally, service personnel must be able to track the amount of time spent in making each repair, their travel time and mileage and costs related to each repair that they complete. The system must also be able report on various repair categories for analyzing replacement needs. Customer tried utilizing a commercially available system for time tracking. After spending a lot of time trying to make the inexpensive standardized system work, they requested us to evaluate and recommend a solution.

Solution: We developed a secure, custom intranet application that allowed the customer to easily enter repair requests into a central database. Maintenance personnel are able to access repair requests 24/7 from any location with Internet access. We also implemented an easy-to-use online entry of maintenance personnel time and expense information which is forwarded to the customer’s human resources department for processing.


E-Newsletter Solutions

Hybrid E-Mail / Discussion Group

Requirement: Our client wished to have a discussion group for their members in each particular area of interest. They wanted to be able to use either email or the website for their discussion.

Solution: PVA created a hybrid solution which permits members to subscribe to their particular areas of interest. They can choose to receive discussion messages via the website or email. They can reply in either format and their comments will be automatically threaded and published to both the email members and the web forum.

E-Newsletter solution

Requirement: Our clients need to use their members’ information to send newsletters via email (e-newsletter). They would like the ability to create the “rich” e-newsletter using an easy-to-use editor and to send the e-newsletter to specified members in their database.

Solution: We created the PVA E-Newsletter application to provide our clients with these features. The newsletter can contain variable information to provide a personalized email to each specific member.

Production Problem Tracking application

Requirement: Customer had a need to have a central repository of all production problems online. Intranet system must keep track of all production problems and allow their personnel to sort and view these problems so that they can determine how to prevent production problems from reoccurring. The system must be accessible from multiple facilities. The system must be able to track credits given to customers, product that must be destroyed due to production problems, customer returns of unacceptable product and discrepancies between the customer order and what the customer received. The system must cross-validate information entered against the corporate customer information and force the entry of required information. The system must also be able report on various repair categories for analyzing production problem trends. The customer had utilizing a manual, paper method of tracking production problems and found that these forms were often lost making analysis of production problems very difficult and time consuming. After spending a lot of time trying to organize and analyze their manual system, they requested us to evaluate and recommend a solution.

Solution: We developed a secure, custom intranet application that allowed their personnel to easily enter and update production problems into a central database. Customer personnel are able to access repair requests 24/7 from any location with Internet access. The solution allows the user to report the production problem information in a variety of sorts and analyze production problem trends.

Human Resources – Employee Point Tracking System

Requirement: Customer had a need to track employees not following company guidelines for punching in on the time clock, leaving their shift early and not showing up for their shift. Previously, the information was tracked in a spreadsheet that was cumbersome to maintain, inaccurate and there was not an easy way to report employee information.

Solution: We developed a secure, custom desktop application that allow the customer to enter employee points as they occurred and generate employee warning and termination reports as employees violated company policy.

Customer Profile and Preferences

Requirement: Customer wants to be able to capture their clients name and address and product preferences for their retail web site. The client preferences are used for targeting marketing as well as making online purchases on the web site. Customer would like the client to make updates to their profile and preferences online.

Solution: We developed an online Client Profile system that allows clients to add, change and delete their name and address information as well as their product preferences. Client Profile and preferences settings are used by the system to populate marketing email distribution lists as well as provide shipping and billing address information for online purchases.

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