Our mission is to provide extraordinary website application development and business consulting services.

We create powerful, effective, and easy-to-use solutions which equip companies and organizations to utilize their website as an engaging, valuable, and essential part of their business. We provide customer service that exceeds our client's expectations.

PVA provides expertise in software development, user experience, communications strategy, and systems integration to provide innovative, quality solutions and deliver superior customer satisfaction.


PVA has created software solutions for a wide variety of companies and industries using a wide variety of computing environments and programming languages. We've developed software for Windows, Mac, and Unix systems using the PHP, Perl, Java, Filemaker, Access and ASP/.NET languages with MySQL and Microsoft SQL server databases. Our web technologies experience includes Javascript/AJAX, CSS, and responsive design.

This experience gives us a head start when developing a solution for your your business. It's likely that we've developed a similar application and that we have an understanding of your industry's business practices. We continue to expand our capabilities with the latest technology. We are always conscious of your investment in your existing systems and websites and we bring the right blend of innovation and stability to give you maximum return on your investment.

Please see our Results page for case studies for specific applications and industries.

Our Process

We begin by listening carefully to your requirements and work jointly with you to create a comprehensive functional specification for the project. Next our project manager develops a project plan which includes graphic design, user experience, systems integration, and application needs. We then design the system architecture to encompass the project needs, as well as considering future requirements. We work with our designers or your creative team to integrate the site design with the application software to produce a dynamic and engaging website user experience. Once the website has been developed, we test with popular browsers and make sure the site is properly constructed for best performance and search engine compatibility.


Our team has rich experience in technical fundamentals. Mike's software engineering background and experience at MJS systems as lead software architect creates a foundation for software innovation and quality. Dan's business analysis skills and financial industry knowledge enables him to provide powerful applications that improve your bottom line. Greg's creativity and foresight fosters the creation of customized new applications based on the diversity and flexibility of previous projects.


Pine Valley Associates was originally formed in 1983 by Mike Selner and Dan Selner while completing their computer science degrees. PVA provided programming and business consulting services, primarily to MJS Systems, Inc., founded by Dan and Mike's father, Mike Selner, Sr.  MJS Systems manufactured computer systems and productivity workstations for hospitals as well as the operating system and application software for hospital clinical applications.

After several years at PVA and MJS, Mike and Dan pursued careers with other employers serving customers including IBM, Cargill, Target and 3M and gained a wealth of experience. Greg Selner developed his expertise at MJS Systems as well as other employers. In 1995, Mike Selner founded Tela, Inc, an ISP and hosting service provider.

In 1999, Mike and Dan re-formed Pine Valley Associates and were joined by Greg Selner. Each brother brings a valuable perspective on the technical, creative, and business portions of our projects.

The name “Pine Valley Associates” was chosen to reference the combination our Minnesota practicality and the technology essence of Silicon Valley. The abstract pine tree in our logo represents design cohesiveness, versatility, and our practice of building upon a foundation of proven technology solutions and experience.

PVA operates our data center in Minneapolis, MN through our Tela Inc company. Tela's primary focus is web and email services and hosting.

We look forward to the privilege of serving you.

Dan, Mike & Greg Selner

Pine Valley Associates, Inc
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